What to expect

Tara Silverthorn


During your first appointment, we will discuss some medical history, your overall health at the moment, a little bit about what is currently going on in your life and what you are hoping the therapy can help you with.

The session happens fully clothed on a treatment table and I will make very gentle, non-invasive contact on different areas of your body with an attentive and non-judgmental presence.


The tide-like motions of the craniosacral system can be felt throughout the whole body and are our deepest expression of health. Craniosacral Therapists use their hands and senses to listen to these subtle rhythmic motions and to where there might be places of 'stuckness' or stasis. 

The session unfolds in dialogue with you and your experience. Through this, the healing process is supported, guided by your body's own profound intelligence. 

Many clients find Craniosacral Therapy deeply relaxing and calming. People also experience mild or more intense sensations or emotions during a session, as areas that have been holding on begin to change and release. Many find that it helps them to recover a sense of vitality, energy or ease in their life.

Craniosacral Therapy allows the process of change and healing to take place by meeting your body at its own pace, so treatment may require several sessions.

"We’re listening to the motion present in the whole. And that motion… is considered to be a reflection of the patient’s health. So we begin with something that’s healthy in the patient and we synchronise with it and, as we do, something changes in us and we become aware of a certain kind of stillness that is neither in the patient, nor in ourselves, but seems to be a foundational influence from which the breathing emerges… And it feels like water, or honey, being breathed.” 

- James Jealous D.O.

What happens in a session?

This short video by the CSTA gives an idea of what a Craniosacral Therapy session is like...

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